Pressed Flowers in Floating Frames

I have fun childhood memories of pressing flowers with my parents using my dad’s old wood flower press. We used them between sheets of clear contact paper to make bookmarks as gifts for relatives. Now that I have my own garden (and hate to see a single flower bloom go unappreciated), I’ve been wanting to start pressing my own flowers for various home decor projects. For my first pressed flower project I decided to put them in frames to decorate our somewhat sparse dining room end wall. Since my uncle built our beautiful dining room table for us, I’m always looking for ways to show off the table and up the overall style of the room.

First, I gathered flowers and ferns from around our property, and while on a walk near our house. I used a large, 12 x 18 inch wood flower press so that I could use large leaves like the ferns. If you don’t have a flower press, a stack of books works just as well. Just put watercolor paper or paper towels between the pages underneath your flowers to avoid staining your book. The hardest thing about pressing flowers is the wait! I didn’t open my flower press back up for about one month, though I think 2 to 3 weeks would probably suffice.

For the frames, I found floating glass frames in a variety of sizes on Amazon. I wanted black frames to match our fun black and white framed map of Vashon Island. I love the three-dimensional, geometric style of these frames as well. I think the geometric and black iron aspects of these frames tie in well with our dining room light fixture and help to tie the whole room together. When arranging the flowers, I found that the glass in my frames fit tightly enough that I didn’t need to glue them in place. I would, however, recommend cleaning both sides of each pane of glass thoroughly before beginning to arrange your flowers, because nothing ruins the overall effect like a fingerprint, or god forbid, a stray dog hair!

Overall, I’m so pleased with my first pressed flower project! The wall still has a lot of empty white space, but the airy and natural look of the pressed flowers in their frames has definitely made a huge difference. I guess it’s time to fill up my flower press with another batch of flowers for my next pressed flower decor project. I’m thinking maybe paper lanterns, or coasters, or jewelry… the crafting opportunities are endless 🙂

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