Houseplant Label Cards

Most of this spring and summer, we’ve been consumed with outdoor gardening projects here at the Roost. A silver lining of COVID is that our yard, like so many others, is looking pretty sweet this year!

When our wedding anniversary rolled around, though, it happened to be raining, so we took a break from the yard work and visited one of our favorite indoor plant nurseries instead. I had used this rolling cart as a seed-starting station earlier this spring, but my seedlings are all grown up now and planted outside. Without them, the cart looked as lonely as an empty nest, so I wanted a few new houseplants to keep on the cart until next spring.

Every time I get a new houseplant, I do a quick google search to learn what it requires in terms of light, watering, humidity, etc. Sometimes I like to jot down notes about plant care, or even just write down the name and variety of the plant so I can research it again later. These simple plant labels are a handy way to keep your information organized for yourself or your house sitters who may not know as much about plant watering needs. They would make cute gift tags, too!

Tools & Supplies:

Wire floral stems (or any other 16 or 18 gauge wire)

Card stock or paper (I used brown card stock, but feel free to get creative)

Scissors or pinking shears

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutters

Markers or pens (I used a white paint marker and a white gel pen)

Your favorite houseplants

To make them, use your needle nose pliers to grasp one end of a floral wire, and then bend the wire into a spiral shape. Use pliers to cut the wire to the length that looks right for your plant/ pot. Cut tags out of paper/card stock with scissors (or pinking shears if you want zigzag edges like mine) and write the names of your plants, and any notes you want to include about their care. On most of my labels, I wrote the name of the plant on the front, and the care instructions on the back. Stick your labels into your pots and enjoy!

Hopefully my plants will be happy in their new homes! I know their labels will definitely help me to be a better plant mama.

Happy gardening!

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